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More information about DUT 103, Payroll and Workforce Management Subject Area - Absence Management Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• Can I get the list of workers who have taken more than N number of absences in the quarter?
• Can I report on the pattern count of absence type during different months of the year? For example: December has maximum Vacation absences
Which workers have taken the more than N number of days leave duration?
• What are the various Accrual Methods employed in the organization?
• What are the various lookup codes for a lookup type?
• What are the rows, columns and the corresponding values of a specific User-Defined Table?
• What are the various User-Defined Tables defined in Fusion HCM?
• What is the average leave taken by Department/Location?
• Which Business unit has recorded the largest number of leaves during the year?
• Which are the various accrual plans and the total number of accruals against them?
• What is the count of absences by type and status?
• Can I report on details of accrual plans such as carryover limit, accrual rate, accrual ceiling?
• What is the re-inforcement in employee strength required during a specific month based on daily absences?
• What are the various Absence Plans, types, and categories in the organization?
• Can I get a trend report on the summary of accruals by years, and accrual methods?
• Can I get a breakup of accruals of workers by accrual methods, and plans?