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More information about DUT001, Sales Operations Subject Area - Sales Operational Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• Against how many Opportunities, were the Quotes submitted in this month?
• What is the total Quotes revenue for the current month?
• What are all the Campaigns assigned to an Opportunity?
• How many Partners are assigned to an Opportunity?
• Who are all the Partners assigned to Opportunities?
• How many times a Quote is revised before it gets approved?
• Who has submitted the highest number of Quotes in the current month?
• What are the top 10 products for all the Deals submitted in the current quarter?
• How is the Deal Amount split between the products associated to the Deal Registration Lines?
• What are the Products associated with the Deals?
• What are all the Opportunities resulted from a Campaign?