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More information about DUT004, Human Capital Management Subject Area - Workforce Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• How many contracts does a worker have?
• What are the worker contacts phone numbers?
• What is the count of workers by work permit to various countries?
• What is the workers citizenship?
• What are the various reasons for worker terminations under both voluntary and involuntary categories?
• What is the FTE, headcount, assignment count by Location, Country etc?
• What is the headcount of hourly or salaried employees?
• What are the tasks to be performed during a worker on-boarding and off-boarding?
• What is the duration of a worker's contract?
• What are the passport details of the worker?
• What is the distribution of my workers by ethnicity, gender, nationality, or religion?
• What is the occupancy of my positions?
• Which months in the year has a high attrition rate?
• Which learning items are the most popular, i.e. the most number of attempted/completed count during the year?
• What percentage of workers have eligible jobs assigned to them?
• What are the various lookup codes for a lookup type?
• What are the various checklist categories, and the action names in the organization?
• How many contracts are going to expire? How many contracts have expired?
• What is the number of contracts by contract types and statuses?
• What are the various positions available under each job?
• How long is the worker employed in the organization; can I get the details by number of days, months, and
• What is an employee's assignment history in the chronological order?
• What is the count of transfers into a Business Unit or Department?
• What is the headcount of terminations by categories such as voluntary and involuntary?
• What are the rows, columns and the corresponding values of a specific User-Defined Table?
• What are the various User-Defined Tables defined in Fusion HCM?
• How many workers have work permits?
• When did the worker join the organization? When was the workers original hire date?
• What are the Hire, rehire, transfer, termination counts by Business Unit, Department, Location, Manager etc?
• What is the count of terminations by various termination reasons?
• What is the current headcount by job, department, grade, location, business unit, legal employer or bargaining
• Which BU's produce maximum number of learning items during the quarter?
• Which job is the most assigned eligible job?
• Do some performers complete tasks quicker than others?
• What is the duration of a worker's contract extension?
• What are the various grades that have been setup?
• What are the valid grades associated with each position?
• What is the hiring status of a specific position?
• What are the primary work relationship details of the worker?
• What is the Business Unit, location, department, etc of a worker in his primary assignment?
• What is the projected termination date for a worker?
• What is the headcount for the last 3 years?
• Which learning item has the least successfully completed rate?
• Which allocated tasks are taking longer than planned?
• What is the workers national ID?
• Which positions have not been filled in the organization?
• What is the rehire recommendation for a worker before the worker got terminated?
• What is the current employee headcount by employee category or assignment status?
• What is the headcount by payroll?
• Can i get the comparison for a learning by recommended , like, attempted and completed counts?
• Which BU/Department has the highest number of contracts?
• How many workers work permits will expire?
• What is the workers ethnicity and religion?
• What is the total number of promotions between two dates for a worker?
• What are the eligible jobs for a certain worker?
• What is the status of certain tasks for each worker?
• What is the current assignment information for a worker?