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More information about DUT048, HCM and Payroll Subject Area - Payroll Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• What are the various calculation cards that can be reported?
• What is the bonus amount trend in the organization across time periods?
• Can I get a trend of the third party payment methods and their respective amounts in a year?
• Can I compare the various earnings and their balances, as well the deductions and their corresponding balances
for the recent payroll?
• What are the average standard earnings by various jobs?
• What is the total amount incurred by the employer as payroll charges?
• What is the total retroactive amount by various payroll elements?
• What are the involuntary deduction components and the corresponding component values for a worker?
• What are the various payroll process source types in costing of payments?
• What are the various costs in a payroll process?
• What is the variation between payroll costs for workers by departments and countries?
• What are the various payrolls, element run results along with their input values for a worker during a period?
• Which are the top 5 departments liable for retroactive employer tax credit amount?
• What are the various lookup codes for a lookup type?
• How has the base pay for the workers increased over the last 5 years?
• What are the debit and credit values for an account type?
• How many number of payments are made from same bank accounts and different bank accounts?
• what is the rate calculation of the base salary for the hourly employees?what is the total payroll tax liability of a
• What are the rows, columns and the corresponding values of a specific User-Defined Table?
• What are the various User-Defined Tables defined in Fusion HCM?
• What percentage of workers have been given a bonus in the current quarter
• Provide the list of workers that have been awarded an individual compensation
• How many element entries are there in a payroll?
• Which element entry value has the highest value in a payroll?
• What are the various types of payment distribution types and their amounts for a particular month?
• What are the various costing types and levels setup in the organization?
• What are the various payment methods and the corresponding values preferred by the workers?
• Which employees have not received the retroactive pay in a payroll cycle?
• What tax is the highest deduction for the workers during the last 3 financial years?
• What components in payroll costing setup provide the labor costs?
• What is the total value of all the individual compensation provided by managers in my organization?
• What is the amount distributed for each payroll in a year?
• What is the earnings and deductions balances for the current year?
• What percentage of amounts is distributed by various payroll payments in the organization during the year?
• What are the total taxable benefit hours and the corresponding amounts for employees processed in retroactive
• Can I get a trend of payments costing by country and department?
• What are the various account types in payroll costs of payment?
• What are the voluntary versus involuntary deductions by locations?
• What are the various payrolls run, element entries and their input values for a worker during a specific period?
• Which are the top 5 departments in their earnings?
• What is the trend of costs incurred in payroll over a particular year?