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More information about DUT066, Costing Subject Area - Cost Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• What is the total value of inventory costed by inventory organization?
• What is the value of the in-transit inventory that is costed?
• What are the cost accounting distributions for the trade transactions that are part of a financial flow?
• What is the summary of validation errors for a cost accounting period that need to be reviewed prior to the cost accounting period close?
• What are the estimated and actual costs for work orders?
• What is the quantity of the in-transit inventory that is costed?
• What are the transaction details for the transactions that are not processed or interfaced to costing for a cost
accounting period?
• Which assembly's cost is impacted by the change in cost of a particular component?
• What is the cost account balance by cost accounting distribution and journal line type?
• What is the actual cost associated with acquiring items, which includes insurance, transportation, handling,
storage, container, and import or export charges?
• What are the details for a costed bill of materials of a rollup assembly product?
• What are the line item costs per work order per product?
• What are the planned vs. actual work hours charged per work order?
• What are the transportation costs for work orders?
• What are the tasks generated and the details of transfer price for a financial flow?
• What are the tax details for the intercompany receivables and intercompany payables that were generated as
part of the financial orchestration?
• What is the current accounted on-hand inventory by item and by inventory organization?
• What is the current material cost for an item in a given cost organization?
• Which cost accounting transactions are not accounted for or transferred to the general ledger for a cost
accounting period?
• What percentage of the total cost in a given cost organization is overhead cost?
• What are the estimated and actual charges for materials by item detail?
• What are the total indirect costs per category and unit?
• What are the financial flow details that were generated for a physical supply chain execution event?
• What is the account balance amount by cost transaction type for a given cost organization and cost book?
• What is the profit in inventory by cost analysis group?
• What are the resource rates per name, type, scenario, and unit