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More information about DUT117, CRM and Help Desk Subject Area - Internal Agent Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• As a Service Manager, do I have coverage to support all channel work? What are the abandonment rates?
• How many Internal SRs are unassigned for more than a day? Who are the impacted customers? How of many of
these are critical?
• What are the open critical Internal SRs that my team is working on currently? How many of these are escalated?
• How many Internal SRs have been waiting on my agents action for more than 24 hours? Which of these are
critical or escalated?
• How long is it taking for offers to be made to agents?
• What are the Internal SRs waiting on my customers?
• What is the status of our aging SRs? Are there any outliers that require intervention?
• What are the rates for agents declining work offers?
• What are the average handle times?
• What is the reopen rate for Internal SRs owned by my team? Who has the highest reopen rate? Is there a training
• How are we doing on Internal SR resolution times between current and past months? What are the reasons for
any degradations?
• Who are my agents that have the most pending Internal SRs?
• Are there currently work requests that have a long acceptance time? What are the agent utilization rates?