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More information about DUT124, CRM and Sales Subject Area - Marketing Lead Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• How many Leads are converted in the current quarter?
• How many Leads are unassigned in the system?
• Which Sales Campaign resulted in the highest number of Qualified Leads in the last quarter?
• How many Leads are associated for a given Opportunity?
• How many Opportunities were created from a given Lead?
• How do the number of activities in a region and their average SR resolution rates by quarter compare?
• What are the top 10 products associated to the Leads in the system?
• What are the Leads that are coverted into Opportunities?
• Who are the Resources assigned to the Leads created in any given time period?
• What are the Leads assigned to me/my team member?
• What are all the Territories the Lead is part of?
• Who are the top Sales representatives by their Lead conversion ratio?
• What managers have teams averaging the most activities?
• I need some of my team members to focus on the expected surge in support calls for the new product being
introduced next quarter. Who should I recruit for this initiative, based on their activity levels?
• How many contacts were not favored with a positive outcome with a given agent?
• Who is the Primary Contact and Resource assigned for a given Lead?
• How many territories is the Lead part of?
• What is the maximum number of distinct contacts that is involved with an SR before it is closed? Does this vary
by SR category, product, and agent?
• How many distinct customer contacts does an agent interact with through a given channel during a specific
• How are the individuals on my team doing as far as completing tasks on SRs with milestone due dates this week?
• What are the Leads created by a Sales Rep/Sales Manager's team in the Current Quarter and what are their
• How many Leads is a Contact associated to?
• How can I identify neglected but strategic accounts to guide my team to focus on these?
• What are the sources of the Leads created in the current quarter?
• Who all are the Contacts associated to the Lead?
• As a Service agent, I need to view my workload for the upcoming week/month. What are my urgent and overdue
tasks for this period?
• How many Leads were rejected in the last quarter and what were the reason for those?
• What are the activity levels in specific regions?
• Are there any workload balancing issues on my team? Are a few members performing most of the activities?