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More information about DUT136, CRM and Service Subject Area - Service Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• How do the number of activities in a region and their average SR resolution rates by quarter compare?
• How often do communications cross channels to get to resolution?
• How many customer interactions happen without an SR?
• How many interactions does it take before an SR is resolved? How does this vary across product lines and service
• As a Service Manager, do I have coverage to support all channel work? What are the abandonment rates?
• How often are communications being transferred between agents?
• What is the impact of linking knowledge articles to SRs? Has it led to reduced SR resolution times and SR
reopenings ?
• How many work orders are non-compliant, expected to be non-compliant and expected to be compliant when I,
as an agent review my own open work orders?
• How many new coverages begin in the ensuing month?
• Are we equipped to service the increase in coverages?
• Can the variation in SR resolution times between team members be attributable to sub-optimal queue
• What are our most commonly used channels for messaging by product, service category, and location? Is the
channel usage of high cost channels very high?
• What is the reopen rate for SRs owned by my team? Who has the most reopen rate? Is there a training issue?
• What characteristics do groupings of SR's based on specific tags (e.g., tag = 'outage') exhibit?
• How is tag usage across agents and resource teams? Which teams perform better than others?
• Was there a lot of time spent waiting on customers to respond to more information, documents and so on?
• Are satisfaction levels showing a declining trend over time? What specific account regions contribute to this?
• What aspects of service delivery are customers most happy about? Which ones are they most unhappy about?
• What are the response scores for customer where we have not met SLA's?
• What percentage of service requests involve at least one interaction?
• Are there preferred channels that customers use to contact us for specific service issue categories and product
• What is the average length of time of an interaction, by agent and channel?
• How many were compliant and non-compliant when I, as an agent review my own completed work orders?
• To what extent has the number of customer coverages increased between two given dates?
• Is there scope for a better resource load balance keeping in consideration the SR throughput across queues?
• What is the delay in estimated completion dates?
• Do we see a pattern in the average number of messages per closed SR going up in recent months? What factors
are contributing to this surge, if any?
• By being part of the SR team, how many SR resolutions has my resource team been able to influence during the
past period?
• What are the SRs that are waiting on my customers?
• Do SR's with specific tags (e.g., tags for specific partners) show higher resolution times?
• Are we seeing an issue regarding compliance rates with certain tags?
• How long did it take to assign the SR to the correct queue?
• What are the activity objectives for the current period?
• What managers have teams averaging the most activities?
• Are agents prematurely updating SRs as Resolved to make their numbers look better?
• What product lines have a higher percentage of non-compliant SRs open?
• How frequently do agents link articles to SRs?
• How many are non-compliant, expected non-compliant, and expected compliant during my review of open work
• How often am I meeting milestone targets for my SRs? Which milestones do I miss most often?
• Was an SR sitting in a queue longer than the average time for all other SRs?
• Was the SR queue modified or SR resource owner modified at any point?
• Was the assigned agent overloaded with other work (based on the average number of SRs assigned to the
• How many times has the customer communicated with the contact center on this particular service request and
what channels did they use?
• On an average, how many interactions has it taken to resolve critical issues during the past month? How does
that compare with previous months?
• What are the rates for agents declining work offers?
• What are the average handle times?
• What are the number of interactions by channel, agent, and time period?
• Are there currently service requests that have missed the target milestone and require escalation?
• Where is my team missing SLAs? Is it in certain geographic locations, service categories, or product lines?
• Who are my agents that have the most pending SRs?
• How many SRs for product 'A' have tag 'X' or 'Y'? How many have the 'Potential Churn' tag?
• How can I identify neglected but strategic accounts to guide my team to focus on these?
• Did the SR get assigned to the wrong queue/team?
• Was the assigned agent overloaded with other work?
• Is our resolution performance for escalated issues worse or better than non escalated issues?
• What are the latest revisions to activity objectives?
• Across what channels do such non-SR interactions most often occur?
• What is the interactions activity level across channels and agents? How do they compare across time periods?
• What channels are the most effective for resolving issues with a single interaction?
• How often are my agents able to resolve issues using a low cost channel like chat?
• How often do communications cross channels before they are resolved?
• What is the % of open SRs with milestones, that is, have at least one milestone?
• As an agent am I spreading myself too thin by being part of one too many SR teams?
• What are the open critical SRs that my team is working on currently? How many of these are escalated?
• How many open SRs are linked to each tag?
• As a Service agent, I need to view my workload for the upcoming week/month. What are my urgent and overdue
tasks for this period?
• How long was an SR unassigned and how long did it sit in each queue?
• Who has completed the most activity objectives?
• What are the activity levels in specific regions?
• Do customers contact us more often to solve issues or to seek answers to questions?
• Are there currently work requests that have a long acceptance time? What are the agent utilization rates?
• How is the percentage of compliant SRs trending month over month, quarter over quarter?
• Where are the outliers when it comes to compliance?
• How many showed up as compliant; how many were non-compliant during my review of completed work orders?
• What is the breakdown of open action plans by category?
• How many action plans are open and how long have they been open?
• How are we doing on SR resolution times between current and past months? What is the reason for degradation,
if any?
• How many SRs are unassigned for more than a day? Who are the impacted customers? How of many of these
are raised as critical?
• Are there any workload balancing issues on my team? Are a few members performing most of the activities?
• What is the overall satisfaction levels of our customers with regards to issue resolutions?
• How does the aging profile of SRs look like? Are there any outliers calling for intervention?
• I need some of my team members to focus on the expected surge in support calls for the new product being
introduced next quarter. Who should I recruit for this initiative, based on their activity levels?
• Do some SR categories imply higher difficulties (going by the actual time agents spend on such SRs)
• Have we kept our strategic customers happy? If not, where can we improve - in timliness, better first time
resolution, etc.?
• Do one or more of the agents in my team need training to improve customer communication skills?
• Which of our product lines most frequently receive suggestions for product improvements?
• How many contacts were not favored with a positive outcome with a given agent?
• How many interactions does it take on average to resolve an issue? What is the average interaction duration - by
team, agent, and channel?
• How many interactions are being lost/abandoned? How does this compare with previous periods?
• How long is it taking for offers to be made to agents?
• How many interactions, on average, does it require to resolve an issue?
• Are we keeping the number of non-compliant SRs in check for our most valuable customers?
• Are my team resources optimally deployed across service queues to maximize productivity?
• Are we responding to customer messages in a timely manner?
• What is the incidence of participation of my resource team in SRs over a period? How many open SRs are they a
part of, presently?
• How many SRs have been waiting on my agents for more than 24 hours? Which of these are critical or
• Did the SR have more than one issue that needed to be resolved (perhaps serially or requiring parallel efforts by
multiple resources)?
• What is the most frequent positive feedback we get from our custoemrs? Most frequent negative feedback?
• What is the maximum number of distinct contacts that is involved with an SR before it is closed? Does this vary
by SR category, product, and agent?
• How many distinct customer contacts does an agent interact with through a given channel during a specific
• Is my team following the norm that an SR must be opened (or updated) for every customer communication?
• What are our issue resolution rates for low and high cost channels?
• What percent of communications are resolved the first time? What is the most commonly used channel?
• Are there action plans tracking late to an overall target completion date?
• Are there too many stale messages, that is, messages that have not been updated in a long time tied to critical/
escalated issues?
• Are our processes inefficient or preventing agents from meeting milestones?
• Is a particular target too aggressive? Who is best at achieving targets for a given category of service request?
• How does my team perform in meeting first response milestones versus resolution milestones?
• How are the individuals on my team doing as far as completing tasks on SRs with milestone due dates this week?