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More information about DUT148, Financials Subject Area - Fun Interco Transaction

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• What intercompany transactions are awaiting approval?
• What portion of transactions is made up of invoices, credit memos, chargeback, or debit memos?
• Which suppliers have invoices frequently put on a particular hold?
• What is the total amount of transactions for a specific customer?
• What approval actions are applied to an invoice?
• What is the total amount of all transactions for the period by business unit?
• Which transactions affect the customer open balance for collections purposes, but not the general ledger
account balance?
• What intercompany transactions created invoices?
• Which invoices for a particular business unit, supplier, and supplier site have a specified approval status?
• What are the details for an invoice including related purchase order, amounts, and payment details?
• What intercompany transactions were entered during a particular period between two given legal entities?
• Which invoices or invoice lines are placed on hold?
• What intercompany transactions were approved during a particular period?
• What is the count of intercompany transactions between each pair of legal entities?
• Which invoices are currently on hold and are preventing period close?
• Which invoices are currently pending approval?