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More information about DUT152, Financials - Accounts Payable Specialist Job

The following is additional information provided by Oracle... These are the business questions that can be answered from this (these) subject area(s) contained in this rule:

• What are the invoice details of the invoices which are unpaid or partially paid that Payables transferred to general ledger as of a particular date?
• Which are the prepayments already applied for a invoice and needs to be unapplied?
• Which invoices pending approval or validation are at risk of late payment?
• Which suppliers have invoices frequently put on a particular hold?
• What approval actions are applied to an invoice?
• What is the total amount of tax withheld by a supplier?
• What is the total of all unpaid and partially paid invoices that Payables transferred to the General Ledger as of
particular date with totals grouped by liability account, supplier, and ledger?
• What is the total unpaid invoice amount, by supplier, for a particular time period?
• Which are the prepayments available to be applied for a particular standard invoice?
• Which invoices for a particular business unit, supplier, and supplier site have a specified approval status?
• What are the details for an invoice including related purchase order, amounts, and payment details?
• What is the age of the available prepayments so that older prepayments can be applied to new standard
invoices from that supplier?
• What is the potential discount lost if such invoices are paid late?
• Which invoices or invoice lines are placed on hold?
• What are the trial balance details for secondary ledger or reporting currency ledger?
• What are the trial balance details for suppliers with negative balances only?
• What is the total amount of credits that is still open, by supplier?
• What is the total available prepayments for a particular supplier or business unit?
• Which invoices are currently on hold and are preventing period close?
• Which invoices are currently pending approval?