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What is Query 31: Receivables Batch Sources?

The table(s) covered in this query are described by Oracle as follows:
Table stores information about the sources of your invoices, credit memos, and commitments. Each row includes information about invoice, batch, and credit memo numbering. Oracle Receivables creates one row for each batch source that you define. Receivables uses batch sources to default a transaction type during invoice entry and to determine invoice, batch, and credit memo numbering. The BATCH_SOURCE_TYPE column stores INV for manual batches or FOREIGN for imported batches. The STATUS, CREDIT_MEMO_BATCH_SOURCE_ID, AUTO_BATCH_NUMBERING, and AUTO_TRX_NUMBERING columns are required even though they are null allowed. . The primary key for this table is BATCH_SOURCE_ID.

Sensitive Access Risk Rule ID:

Risk Description:  Create transaction sources to provide default information for batch transactions either entered manually or imported.Q31_AR Transaction Sources copy